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Hills United Football Club.

MOJO Homes are honoured to be aligned with such a dedicated and energised team and the wider Hills community.

MOJO Homes have been the proud major club sponsor for the Hills United Football Club (HUFC) for two years now. The Hills United FC are a dedicated and passionate football club, giving children within the Hills region an opportunity to play elite level football, attracting over 1000 players each year.

We are thankful to partner with such a well-respected and community driven football club and have the MOJO name take pride of place on the club’s jersey and throughout the ground at home games. As the major club sponsor MOJO have become highly recognised by a number of those involved in the club, including committee members and parents who have gained a strong interest in building their dream home with MOJO. What’s even more important to MOJO, is that their core values align with those of HUFC, including the values of teamwork, to strive and focus.

Both MOJO Homes and The Hills United Football club are a team, who strive to do the best they possibly can and are focussed and committed to achieving the very best results, whether that’s in a game or building a home. MOJO’s mantra, to live passionately, is exhibited through the efforts of the Hills FC players week after week and they look forward to cheering them on for the rest of the 2020 season and beyond. MOJO Homes are honoured to be aligned with such a dedicated and energised team and the wider Hills community.

Read the below update from Hills United representative, Katie Ryan to bring you up to speed on the world of HUFC.

“With the impacts that COVID-19 had on the club, we are proud to have achieved several milestones throughout the past few months, one of the most important milestones being that the HUFC teams are back on the field, which has taken endless effort from the President of the club and the committee to make this happen, alongside the local council and Football NSW.

Our level of coaching is at the upmost importance and we continue to improve the pathways and career opportunities for players of HUFC. Without the commitment and support from our sponsors it would not be possible to provide some of the most highly recognised coaches and mentors including Patrick Zwaanswjik who has been an instrumental part of our club over the past 18 months as the First Grade coach, leading the team to win the 2019 Championship. Although this season has been cut short due to the current climate, we are all grateful to be playing again. 

Having MOJO Homes as a sponsor has been outstanding for the community and players and we will continue to do our best for the company and are very thankful for your ongoing support.”