NEX Charitable 


Our mission is to build stronger communities and a better tomorrow.

We are about so much more than realising the dreams of Australian families through bricks and mortar; we are committed to making a difference through our community efforts so that we can help families discover a better and brighter future.

About us.

The NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation was established in 2022 having evolved from the McDonald Jones Charitable Foundation which launched in 2012. During its nine years of operation the Foundation has provided $2.1 million to dozens charitable organisations.

As our business has grown to operate in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania we wanted the Foundation to reflect that growth. Now the NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation will continue on the good work of the original foundation providing financial support to eligible community projects and programs. 

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How We Help.

The NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation is a registered charity that provides support to projects across our key pillars of Youth, Research and Education across our operational footprint. Ideally the projects we support have longevity beyond our funding commitment.

Each year the Foundation provides donations via our Brands in each state to eligible community organisations in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and the ACT.

Funding is distributed at a national and state level. Currently we are supporting the Smith Family nationally through our major brands of McDonald Jones Homes, Brighton Homes, MOJO Homes, Weeks Homes and Wilson Homes. We also support state-based programs. (our partners) 

The board of the NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation comprises of:

The Board meets three times a year to review projects, potential partnerships and external proposals. 

For more information, please email:


Managing Director of NEX Building Group

Director / Chief Strategy Officer

Head of Corporate Affairs

Independent Director

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NEX Building Group
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McDonald Jones Homes
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MOJO Homes
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Weeks Homes
Current Funding Partner - National

NEX Building Group

Smith Family’s Learning for Life and Cadetship to Career. The NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation has committed $100,000 a year for three years starting in July 2022.

Current Funding Partner - NSW

McDonald Jones Homes

McDonald Jones Homes NSW is currently supporting Tacking Point Surf Lifesaving Club, Shellharbour Surf Lifesaving Club, Port Kembla Surf Lifesaving Club and Wauchope/ Bonny Hills Surf Lifesaving Club.

Current Funding Partner - NSW

MOJO Homes

MOJO Homes provided $20,000 in tools, PPE, trailer and Ute fit out and education resources to Newcastle based program Out(fit) based at the University of Newcastle’s School of Architecture and Built Environment.

Current Funding Partner - SA

Weeks Homes

Weeks Homes created a new play area and parent social area for charity partner SYC.

The young families living at in the 11 townhouses on site use the location to transition from homelessness to independence.

Previously the space was used for storage and car parking prior to the $42,000 transformation.

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The NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation will consider applications from eligible charitable and not-for-profit organisations for important projects, initiatives and programs that address one or more of our pillars (Youth, Research, Education) and our required funding criteria.

To start a conversation simply email us with an overview of your project and what you expect to achieve. 

We also actively seek out partnerships with charitable organisations across our operational footprint.

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Eligibility Criteria.

The following criteria provides an overview on what is required for your project to potentially gain funding:

  • Programs or projects that invest in infrastructure which delivers improved health outcomes for marginalised and at-risk people in our community.
  • Programs or projects that improve social wellbeing in our community.
  • Programs or projects that create opportunities to improve education levels for the disadvantaged. 

To be able to receive a donation from the NEX Building Group Charitable Foundation your organisation must be: 

  • An Australian Taxation Office Type 1 Deductable Gift recipient (DGR)
  • A not-for-profit organisation  which is charitable at law 
  • Endorsed by the Australian Tax Office as Tax concession Charity (TCC)

We will not support requests which are:

  • General sponsorship and fund-raising activities
  • Events or commercial activities 
  • Contributions to appeals
  • Projects of political or religious nature 
  • Payment of wages, rent or utilities  
  • One off festivals events or activities


If you would like to find out more about the Foundation or apply for seeking funding for a program, please email: