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Maitland Rugby Blacks Netball Club.

MOJO's commitment to support regional sport.

In November 2020, MOJO Homes announced their major sponsorship of the Maitland Rugby Blacks Netball Club (MRBNC) as part of their commitment to support regional sport.

Maitland Rugby Blacks Netball Club is part of a larger family of sport with their connection to the Maitland Rugby Club. The Maitland Rugby Club is the second largest and second longest established Rugby Club in NSW and was also voted Rugby Club of the year in 2018 by NSW Rugby Union. 

Both MOJO Homes and Maitland Rugby Blacks share the same vision and values; one that is a defining characteristic for both parties is Passion! Maitland Rugby Blacks are extremely passionate and enthusiastic about their club and their sport and MOJO Homes are passionate about helping customers achieve their dream of building new.

Since November, MRBNC have worked closely with MOJO Homes to support players, coaches, and club supporters. The partnership has also initiated fundraising events and most recently a Bunnings sausage sizzle to assist in the overall success of the club. MOJO’s logo is proudly displayed on the MRBNC website, social media, promotional products including Players, Coaches and Supporters Packs and on the player’s uniform and game netball.

MOJO Homes are proud to be supporting a local Hunter Club and look forward to achieving bigger and better results for the club for years to come. 

About Maitland Rugby Blacks Netball 

Established in 2008, MRBNC was an inclusion initiative as part of the Maitland Rugby Club family.

MRBNC has since grown from one team, to 31 teams with over 300 registered members. The teams range from Under 7s through all grades to A2.

MRBNC embodies a family approach which reflects the Maitland Rugby Club’s vision and values. MRBNC are creating history with an impressive list of representative honours and team premierships and are represented by a large number of junior players that go from strength to strength each year.