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Mooloolaba Suncity 

Soccer Club.

Encouraging a life well lived for all Queenslanders.

Brighton Homes has proudly been welcomed by Mooloolaba Suncity Soccer Club as a Platinum Sponsor for their 2021 season. Mooloolaba Suncity Soccer Club allows over 240 club members to get out into the sunshine and lead an active lifestyle through playing Soccer, encouraging a life well lived for all Queenslanders.

The Mooloolaba Suncity Club President, Dr. David McMillan, said that Brighton’s generous sponsorship was vital to the ongoing success of the Club.

“Sponsorship provides the funds that help keep our registration fees low, enable us to purchase uniforms and equipment, keep the lights on and ensure the future of the club,” Dr. McMillan said.

“It has been an absolute privilege to work with Brighton Homes and to see such an admirable demonstration of local community spirit from the entire Brighton team,” he said.

The secretary of the Club, Miss Margaret Cochran, said it was absolutely appreciated but not exactly surprising to see such significant degrees of altruism from Brighton Homes.

“I am familiar with many Brighton Homes supervisors and employees, and I never fail to be amazed by their extraordinary competency, friendliness, and sincerity,” Margaret said

“The quality Brighton Homes product is clearly an extension of its people, so when Brighton sponsored Suncity is was an absolute privilege,” she said.

Brighton are proud to announce that their sponsorship dollars will not only fund new equipment for the club but also help purchase training shirts and hats for the players to wear throughout the season and beyond.